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Castle Argghhh! Journalist Education Series

Episode 430,238,982*

On the left, a rubber bullet (more properly called a "baton round"). On the right, a tungsten anti-armor penetrator. Both have very different impact characteristics when striking humans or tanks, despite the apparent similarities.

They do not make good earplugs, however.

Squares in the background are approximately one inch.

1492591_10151839056157817_956675063_o.jpgCurrent baton rounds (this one is Brit, from the early 90's) are generally more blunt, further reducing their penetrating ability, while losing none of their punch. The energy gets transferred, but over a wider area. And, they don't go as far, which reduces your unintended casualties.  No, they are *not* standard pistol or rifle caliber.  If they were, they'd have similar penetrating capabilities, too, though they'd lose inertia much faster.

Besides, the police would not want to load their pistol with non-lethal only, much less mix the two. You use the riot guns for control, the handgun for defense.

*Actual journalists reached - 0
**Note to Law Enforcement who know their AOW arcana - the baton round casing is empty, unloaded, and not reloadable.  The Federal Gas Gun itself is also short-chambered, and will *NOT* chamber that casing, regardless.  I.E., I haven't inadvertently created a registerable AOW configuration by possessing both simultaneously.  The things don't fit together, and the round is totally inert.


This public service education piece would be greatly enhanced by a side by side photo with an orange foam ear plug. Followed by a photo of the metrosexual journalist who confused the two. And, that scary looking rubber bullet launcher needs to have a fingerprint enabled trigger lock, someone could get hurt out there.
The guy that wondered if ear plugs were rubber bullets, has probably never been outsides the environs of NYC or DC, did graduate from Columbia, worked as an intern in community outreach, otherwise never did a lick of useful work in his life.
The Orange Rubber Bullet thingy made the rounds of all the gun blogs and fora in jig time. The Jorno that asked the question still doen't know enough to be embarrassed.
The tungsten looks to be about 30mm, but what is the baton round, 25mm? My impression is that the standard police grenade launcher is/was 37-40mm.
 It is 37mm.  I said the squares were "about" 1 inch...  
 My lack of precision has bit me in the Facebook venue, too.
 That's because there was no cat hair for scale.
Haven't needed cat hair for awhile.
I notice that you have an * after your episode number. Does that denote an episode after the death of journalism?
 No, the asterisk means what it means, as explained following the asterisk convention.
As I've remarked elsewhere, I had no idea those were earplugs, either. I've never seen or used anything like that, and at the resolution of the photo I have seen it's difficult for me to tell what they are.

Is it any surprise a prog journalist is more clueless than I? I wonder if he even has any tenuous acquaintances that could tell him what they were.

That said, I suppose he could have called/emailed a local gun shop first. :)

OK. So if the baton round is 37mm, the tungset looks like 60mm, which is also confusing.
 You're over- thinking it.  Saboted. 
Thanks. Makes perfect sense. I should have guessed given that it was tungsten.
Great googly moogly! I  hope the asterisk doesn't mean post-humous.  If so would you please share your Internet provider? And yes, more cat hair for perspective!

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