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Ah, the pink elephants in the room.

Jackson County (Missouri) Sheriff's very nicely done-up urban assault vehicles. Getting the use they probably most often get - that of displays (one would hope, anyway).

mrap.jpgJackson County does include the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri, including some very sketchy areas. I don't know how often the KCMO police department requests assistance from the Sheriff, however. While out in Colorado I ran across a similar situation and I did ask the driver of the vehicle about maintenance costs - he rolled his eyes and clearly slotted me into "Oh, one of *THOSE* people."

Yeah, someone who probably knows more about the topic than you do, Sergeant.


Seems like a standard reaction among cops these days. They seem to have two attitudes towards the rest of us "civilians," 1. We are either perps that have been caught, or we are perps that haven't been caught. 2. We have the obligation to pay for their toys, whether they need them or not. Now, I realize there are times when a 7.62 mini-gun would be handy. But, the cops are supposed to be peace officers and the weapons of war are not appropriate. The fact they own any automatic weapons is disturbing. Seeing an M-4 in the hands of a cop watching the disturbances over near St. Louis is something I find unacceptable. If they are that scared, they don't need to be cops. Frankly, a lot of them shouldn't be cops.
QM's comments are sad. but true. 

I wonder if the cops over in Ferguson, MO, have these, or should have them.
Uhh...who won the tetherball game?
Concur with Quartermaster, having worked closely with the Feds for almost 3 years. The one common thread running through cops' attitude today is contempt for the public.

"Fundamentally transforming" America is something the Left takes very seriously and the steady buildup by the federal government of local LE capabilities to not just prevent, but utterly crush, any hint of resistance to police abuse in inherent in the authroitarian/totalitarian ethos that permeates the Progressive mind. 
Indiana counties have embraced the MRAPs as well. Back in June the Indianapolis Star did a story on Johnson County's new one with pictures and an interview with the deputy in charge of it. In the story he was quoted as saying "we need these because, well, you know, these guys coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan know how to build IEDs". That story is gone now, or I would link it.
For a long time it has been my opinion that the people who want to be cops are the people who you don't want to be cops.
Augetter, sadly, you are correct. They simply don't reject the sociopaths anymore. Add in that many of them cowards on top of that, and you have a recipe for disaster.
Augetter, sadly, you are correct. They simply don't reject the sociopaths anymore. Add in that many of them cowards on top of that, and you have a recipe for disaster.

 Toluca - the young man in pink.

Heh, Master Jewell - the troops mostly know how to find them, not so much build them.  The people we're letting go off to fight fo the Caliphate and come back, *they* know how to build them.

He's really not thinking it through - if we get to the point where the Police are having to patrol in MRAPs, the Police will long ago have been replaced by the Army doing that kind of patrolling.






 And, Richard - I found your heroic Sherriff, Sergeant Downing of Morgan County (at least he's the one I remember).



CBP in Arizona has a couple MRAPs. Didn't want 'em won't use 'em can't give 'em back. They look great in the motorpool though. Thanks DHS.
When MH was training new Marines fresh out of MP school, the first two or three weeks were always, always, spent getting the "Bad boys, bad boys, wha'cha gonna do" mentality flushed out of them.  This required constant reminders that they were there, first and foremost, to maintain the peace. 
The MP's would eventually learn. 
The augmentees from other units?  Not so much.

I'm of two minds.  On the one hand you have the punks who have to be dealt with, who are seemingly ever more 'f-you' in attitude by the day, and on the other you have people in LE going way too far.  I remember the two Russian mafiosi in LA a decade back who caused a lengthy gun battle---thank you mil-surplus sales.  So, yeah, there's a need for a capability existent. 
But as the quickest and most easily used?  Eh.  Not so sure about that. 

Even in my job, hell, you ask someone to move their car beacuse they're blocking traffic on private property(with 20 open parking spaces that they could use instead) and it's 'F-you @55hole, wanna fight? I'll do what I want!'   

It's not easy to get control, retain control, or remember you actually are in control of a situation when the other dude escalates from minute one.  And it's even harder with each incident throughout a shift.

I'm sympathetic to 'cops on steroids is a problem waiting to happen' arguments as well as LE having a crap job. 

OH, and let's not forget that in many instances to get into depends on who you know instead of what you know to get into depts. 

Yeah, I find lowering my voice, sounding like Kermit Le Frogg, makes 85% or so incidents go smoother with the outcome I need/want, but that 15% is numbah 10!