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Warsaw Uprising...

Here at the Castle we have an artifact from the Uprising. A (deactivated, natch) Polish Home Army-built hand-grenade. Using a pre-war Polish hand-grenade fuze (ironically re-captured from the Germans) mated to a locally-made body.

Story here: Haunting memories 70 years since Warsaw Uprising



Looks like the safety pin is a nail. Hard to say from the pic though. You'll have to show me the artifact when I'm there next.
I once heard someone comment, "Poor damned Poles." Pretty much sums up their history. But, they survive. Poland has outlasted a lot of invaders.
 Bare with me; 1980 I was at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, my submarine beginning overhaul. One of my shipmates and I was on a ferry going I don't remember where. I struck up a conversation with a couple, late 50's/early 60's who happenned to be Polish. Me, being a history nut asked questions. Turns out they were both FPA fighters during the 44 uprising. Upon my asking where they were during the 43 Ghetto uprising, eyes cast down they suddenly both had to go to the heads. Sigh. Yes, a lot of heroism then, and then sometimes , not so much. Never saw them again during the last hour of the ride. Funny that.
 It's not a nail, QM.  It's the standard safety pull ring for that fuze.