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Teh Stoopid, it burns!

image3.jpgOh, FFS. The Stupid is Strong in these folks.

For every step you think you are taking the Gun Rights cause forward, you are, in fact, taking two steps back, and just giving ammunition to the opposition. I get it, you want us to be like Israel, where you can see people walking around in civvies with rifles. Teachers, even.

Yanno what you don't see? Is people in Israel walking around "at the ready" like that blonde twitterpate in the lead of this herd of judgement-deficient individuals.

If you think that walking around town like a patrol in Ramadi or Kandahar isn't threatening to the average citizen - the very people you are trying to reassure - well, you're an idiot.


But I am a well-known squish on the topic.  Your mileage may vary.

"Please, Open Carriers, Stop “Defending My Rights”




 John, I think these individuals need to learn a simple lesson. A little discretion goes a very l-o-n-g way. A very close second thing is this, "Don't draw attention to yourself, including the 'up-front' blond."
 Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Idiots like these do more to hurt progress in our fight to restore gunrights than all of Mayor Bloomberg's atack ads.

The fact that they are so stupid that they do not recognize this fact is astonishing.

Cut her some slack Armorer. She's a blond after all. I don't know what the problem is for the rest.
That blonde is carrying some heavy artillery around with her.  Oh, and that little AR also.
Steve, you a sexist pig!

They are nice, though.

Yeah....that't the ticket.  Hide all our guns in our gun safes and never, ever, let anyone else see them. 

Short run,yeah, they may hurt. Long term though, they are likely to be a Good Thing.  Not all that long ago it wouldn't turn any heads to see someone with a gun.  But we have let the anti-civil rights lobby demonize guns and gun owners.  You know (roughly) what percentage of gun owners misuse their guns?  Around 1/8 of 1%.  But go out on the street and take a poll and you will get answers of 25% to 50%, or higher.  And that anyone with a gun is out to shoot up a school/shopping center/random things that move.

If people never see people with guns not shooting things up, not threatening people, not doing any of the things Hollywood, the press, and the capons in office claim gun owners do, how the heck are we going to turn things around?  

Heck, it is because of the capons in Sacramento over-reacting to people exercising their right to (unloaded) open carry in CA that we have the 9th Circuit, in Edward Peruta v. County of San Diego. 10-56971  striking down the "no carry at all" laws in California. 

If you're carrying at low ready (with a magazine locked on) and you're not hunting quail or rabbit, it seems to this non-lawyer that you may be getting close to "going armed to the danger of the public," but maybe they don't have that law there. 

Is this the second amendment equivalent of people who wear the legal minimum of clothing in public? It's legal, but you really shouldn't go there. 

So why should you be offended by people who put up the equivalent of "No shoes, no shirt, no service" signs when they say "Don't pack heat here"?


 Sorry, Joe.  I can live with (but see little point to) carrying slung, no mags.  I see absolutely zero, zip, zilch, nada, nil reason to carry as that blonde is.  Or the bubba behind her or to her right.

As people elsewhere have observed - open carry of a pistol in a holster is defensive.  Carrying a loaded (and, if we're going to do that, hell, why not locked as well) rifle at the ready is *not* defensive.

Saying that isn't "keeping all our guns hidden in our safes" - it's a simple observation of the glaringly obvious.  I see somoene carrying that way, I assume there's trouble, because, frankly, there's no other reason to carry that way.

Cops on the beat don't carry that way - unless they're looking for, and expect to find, trouble.  And sorry, Joe - if you honestly feel the need to wander around like she is - perhaps you should either reconsider where you wander around.







 This is an interesting discussion, but I don't know that I agree with all of it. I've owned and/or carried firearms for 50+ years. I was taught how to shoot by my mother and father. Dad just watched. Mom is the one who taught me how to shoot. This one summertime Friday evening, on a small farm, dad built a campfire and cooked some fresh hamburgers on a grill over the campfire. Mom made some different salads from the food grown on the farm. We had a meal with juice to drink, but dad was brewing some coffee for all of us. Mom was a quiet church going woman, but at times could be as cold as ice. She would always say the choice is yours and I will always obey, But the consequences are yours and don't forget that. Dad poured some coffee for all of us.

Then mom began to teach, I'll never forget this. She said, "You hope that we will teach you how to shoot. Learning how to shoot is not just about methods, but also about principles. The first principle to consider is 'attitude'. You may think that you can lie to us and get away with it. But when you do, your body will betray you and show your real motives. This first lesson is the one the mob in the picture missed.