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While the article cherry-picks two different installations and conflates them into an apparent full-bore policy directed from above, the dichotomy is still there.  And the headline is a bit misleading.

I suppose we should refrain from eating pork, too. And if we have muslim colleagues in the housing area, well, we should adopt out or euthanize our dogs.

Out of respect for their faith.

I don't mind notes reminding people it's Ramadan, and explaining it's significance. But if you can't see why putting out a memo like this, while at the same time banning Christmas decorations isn't perhaps a bit jarring, well, meh.

Troops Told to Not Eat or Drinking in Front of Muslims; Must Learn About Islam

As Joel Kennedy (the former blogger at Bubbleheads) noted on my Facebook post: "Learn about Islam (know the enemy) -- Good idea. But unless you're gonna tell people to avoid eating leavened during Passover in front of Jews or don't eat meat during Lent in front of Catholics, don't carve out "special" treatment for them."


How about Muslims not doing things that offend me, i.e. child brides, female genital mutilation, killing everybody else except those that follow your crazy iman? I thought not.
Islam is a way of life that does not allow tolerance of any other. It's true that Roman Catholics killed Lutherans and Calvinists, and all three killed Anabpatists. But everyone got tired of it and began to realize that killing in the name of Christ was a dead end, given what Christ actually taught. But, unlike Christianity, Islam shows no sign of allowing any moderation, or any sign of killing fatigue. No, it will not end well, because the Islamocrazies aren't going to allow it, and the west is getting tired of fighting it.