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Roadside Kansas, northwest edition.

Friday through Sunday I took a trip to Denver, Colorado for some Rotary business. I chose to rent a car and drive, vice fly. It's marginally cheaper, I don't get groped by strangers, and... I like to look at the world.

Friday, I drove out via I-70 and stopped at those places I've been driving by for years and said to myself, "Self, you really need to stop and take a gander at that someday." Well, Friday was that day. But this post isn't about that. It's about *yesterday, when I took US 36 home, and came through northwest Kansas - virgin territory for me.

Apparently, the parking lot at Casey's in Atwood can get a little rowdy on the weekends.

caseys_m60_atwood.jpgBut, no worries! The good folks in Lebanon, Kansas, have some dragon's teeth, in case those rowdys in Atwood get any ideas.

dragons_teeth_lebanon.jpgFrom what I could tell of northwest Kansas - there used to be a 35th Division tank battalion in the area. I remember back in the 80's, when the 1st Infantry fielded M1s, the KSARNG got our M60A3s. Apparently there wasn't a market for the KSARNGs M60s - because they're scattered all over this part of the state. M60 folks, not an A1, A2, or A3 - the up-gunned M48 turret on the M60 chassis.


I guess that made the sidetrack worthwhile. If all that you had seen was the world's biggest ball of twine, you would be kicking yourself.
The TNARNG actually 3 M48s in their motor pool at the UTES station at Campbell. I was a bit surprised to see them. The rest we had were M 60s. TNARNG didn't get A3s until a year after I left. They refused M1s as the BDE CG said they weren't ready for them. We all scratched our heads over that.
When we supported AT for our sister battalion, 2-136 IN of the Minnesota NG, I took a tank company from Ft. Riley so that we could do combined arms team and TF training. They drew M-48s from MATES and had a blast with them, the 1SG and MG were the only two soldiers who had crewed M-48's. They did a TT VII with them as well. 1987.
Funny; I drove a 139 miles Sunday and thought I 'd done something.

(Did the M-48s have that cupola for the commander's machine gun?) 
Yes, the cupola held a .50 cal Machine Gun. It was not a great success.
*sniff sniff*
*snoooooooork.....hackk acck ackk*
I smell something.....old and musty.
Oh, that's it!
Happy Lapday, John!

 What Sly said :)
A birthday celebration for The Armorer?
Hey, I'll drink to that! 

Take the day off to celebrate!  (Well,o okay if still between jobs, that is easy, but enjoy it anyway!)

 If we'd known it was comin', we'd have baked a cake! Or made drinks.
Or something.

I thought SKK was the one who baked the birthday cakes around here?  The more explosive the better.
I'm not sure John wants me sitting on his lap, but Happy Lapday, John!
 I got a "day of the week" clock, fresh donuts for brekkies, and we went to see 'the Rock' in "Hercules" at 1PM on a weekday!  And ran errands.

We're knocking back 'ritas right now.

That's about it at this point in the timeline.

Who knew I had a store? :)

Happy Birfday, and how was Hercules anyway? exploding cakes?
 No, but I did get a card in the mail from some mountain state today...
 Happy Lapday, from another Villain. 
Well, I tried to get it there on time.
I blame Bush!