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On the naming of guns...

I remember back in the day, when periodically a commander would come along and declare that naming your gun/tank/APC was unprofessional and unworthy of "real" soldiers.

Then there were the ones who were all, "Well, okay, you can name them, but nothing violent or which might offend Ms. Agnes McGillicuddy, of Hamburg, IA, because she writes letters and I get bitched at."

Of course, back in that day, most commanders I recall wouldn't have a clue who Cthulhu was... so they would assume it was something naughty.

Cthulhu-howitzer-07-2014.jpgSoldiers of Section 2, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 119th Artillery Regiment, Michigan Army National Guard, fire a howitzer at Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center, Mich., July 17. All howitzers in Charlie Company have a name starting with the letter "C" and the soldiers of section 2 have Cthulhu, the God of destruction. (Photo by Pfc. Gabrielle Scibetta)


I wonder what Mrs. McGillicuddy had to say about B-17's ?
Centurion, some politico visited East Anglia during the war and declared that they need to remove some of the nose art because the Germans might be offended. Politicians have always been idiots, however. Good to see back in action Armorer! Hope it was a good trip.
I had my ladder door art questioned by my wing commander for being "too warlike"...or something. It was just a robed and hooded rider carrying a blue-flamed sword upright in front of him and my jet was "Spirit Warrior."

With any luck, Mrs. M would have s**t her panties (the desired effect).
Centurion, I do believe Mrs. McGillicuddy could explicitly tell the US Army  to JSTFU! Then, in the second breath, tell the same US Army, not to use any remotely offensive language.
I quess the Kirkland Warbler is not longer endangered.  Oh they nest in the maneuver area the postage stamp sized impact area is OK to shoot into.  I hope no one still thinks you can ignore the road closings in the impact area like I remember happening in the summer of '76.
What I find interesting is that the Centurion is so desensitized to Bad Captions, a DoD PA Exclusive, he didn't snark the unit designation.
Noted, but perhaps I think that all company sized organizations of the U.S. Army should be called companies. Next thing you know, you will be wanting your own buttons.
The projectile seems to be very pointed.  Interesting that it was caught in flight.