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We needa gunpic.

Because there's more to life and blogging than just the Medal of Honor, though you might not know that from the last few days. Let's just say that job hunting is time-consuming.


Been starting on gun withdrawal symptoms. It looked like I was going to have get a piece out and pull some maintenance just to calm the DTs that have started. The pic will put it off a few days anyway. Had any luck in the search?
Doggone sorry to hear that you're looking for work. 
That work stuff is a real pain.  But, if you are addicted to certain habits it is a necessary evil.

Just figure out how to knock off the eating expenses, and you should still be able to modestly satiate the gun addiction.  (No, eating the castle's semi-wildlife is not recommended.)

But, with your experience herding goats, etc, you might be quaifieid for one of Obama's immigrant kid transport/daycare jobs.  Looks like that is a growth industry these days.