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This time, I *do* intend to shame someone...

Clearly, I have another flag delivery to make. SWWBO is at the Bonner Springs Arts Festival (Go! Buy!) and I went to visit. On the way back, I thought I'd stop at Cabela's, where I haven't been in over a year, and the Wyandotte County Museum and the Agriculture Hall of Fame, two places I've never been before.

Both the latter are closed on weekends... go figure.

That said, as I drove up to the WYCO museum, I found this awaiting me.


I will bring them a flag on Monday.

Wyandotte County Museum.png


John, The Ag Hall of Fame is closed again - they can't seem to figure out how to bring in enough money to keep it open, but at least they can keep it. There may or may not be anyone around to get the new flag. Cabelas, as you probably found out, got hit by what has to be described as Corporate Vandalism in February. Some idiot there decided to cut pretty much all of the full-time floor staff. That's worked so well the stock has shot from 80 to 60.
 It's the museum with the flag issue.  I wondered about the Hall - but someone is maintaining the flower beds.  As for Cabelas, I heard that from Charlie, who works in the Gun Library.