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Doing some woolgathering and revisiting old places that don't exist any more - like Monteith Barracks, which is now an Adidas factory. If you knew where to look at US Army kasernes in Germany, you could find signs of the previous owners... like this wall of the movie theater at Monteith.  More photos from Monteith here.


I've found a few sites with fotos of places I've been or lived in Germany. Many of them I can find only with Google Earth now. Flak Kaserne over In Ludwigsburg was grown up in weeds and Lakeber Kaserne, the closest to Pattonville on the Ludwigsburg side, was torn down. Wilkns Barracks, which had teh School Bus motor pool has been torn down, and Ludendorf has been torn down and aprtments built in its place (both near Kornwestheim.

The PX, Commissary, Snack Bar and Dispensary at Robinson Barracks have been closed, although the buildings are still identifiable. Grenadier Kaserne was still there as are the housing areas associated with Grenadier and RB. Echterdingen airfield, "Patch's plane patch" is gone. The DFAC my father ran, along with the entire contonment area, have been obliterated.

The Sembach airfield has been closed, but the admin area is still there and is now an annex to Ramstein. Otherwise, the K-town area installations are pretty much unchanged.

I saw some of the signs you note in other places. Third Reich in Ruins has a lot more and is worth your time. A number of Germans have put up websites for various locations where GIs were stationed.