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It was that kind of day this weekend...

In the end, it's my fault. I parked under the tree. There were leaves to be eaten. And goaties must climb


So, how did you choose the name of this particular Denizen?
 Because he's... Trouble.

The departure looked to be sudden and uncontrolled. Hopefully, Trouble if uninjured. OTOH, hopefully he's a bit put off by the truck now.
I understand Afghans have numerous recipes for goat.  Of course, all being "First, steal a goat."

Too bad Mr. Trouble decided to climb up on a spiffy new vehicles, instead of the typical ratty old pick ups normally found on agricultural establishments, where paint damage would never be notices.

Maybe its time to move the Technical out of the garage and keep the pretty one locked up away from the kids.
 That truck is seven years old, J(NTA) - a testament to Ford's paint.

Unlike Chrysler's. The paint on my 14 YO minvan is flaking in places.