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Friday the 13th, The Day the Goats Disappeared*

Two thirds of them, the does and kids, anyway.

Go out to get the goats into the barn for the night, and only the bucks and Serafina are present. That's 11 out of 35.


Look west. No goats. Look north, no goats. Look east, no goats. Look south, no goats. They were all there a few hours ago, when I came home.

Perplexed, I get in the Ranger, and motor about while there is still light. To the Upper Pasture (Piddlers Green). No goats. Down to the Lower Pasture, checking the Equine Living Room as I pass by - no goats there. Drive the entire lower pasture and along the creek. No goats.

Motor back up to the Castle and tell SWWBO. Grab the night vision, and we go walkabout, doing a retail search.

No goats. I'm beginning to wonder if someone brought a trailer and stole them. No, they would have had to either come by the house to turn around, or there would be signs where they turned into the fields to turn around.

SWWBO gets in the Ranger and goes searching and calling some more. It's 10PM. No goats.

We get all the dogs out and tell them, "Find the goats! Guard them!"

I'm up twice during the night, and check. No goats.

SWWBO is up at about 6:00AM and checks. No goats.

She calls the Sheriff to report the AWOL goats.

And goes walking about and calling again.

No goats.

Comes back in the house.

Looks out the window. Goats.

Standing up and stretching in the pasture across the road (we'd looked).

Sauntering over to the barn to get some water, salt, minerals.

SWWBO calls the Sheriff to report the AWOL goats have turned themselves in.

It appears that the goats just wanted to camp out, and were in the pasture.

Note to self: Mow the pasture. 

*At Flying Pig Farm, this would be a feature, not a bug.


Splendid outcome! Even with the loss of sleep...
 Seriously, I agree with silverdog6. Not so seriously, I think you've got yourself a "First Rate Mischief-Maker".  If you sit still and just listen, you could have probably heard the planning session. Mischief-Maker.1 and leader of the group of trouble maker is explaining his thinking. "Does everybody remember the quiet place, that we all enjoy. We don't go there very often, but tonight is the night that we will sneak out and enjoy ourselves, Remember, if you hear a vehicle, hug the ground, with your eyes closed, your ears open and your nose in the air. If smell them, *freeze*. After they pass,stay still and let some more time pass. Then we will slowly sneak out and follow them." This works until you go home in frustration. Final order, "Ah dammit, the fun is over, we might as well get with the program, until the next time. Mission Complete
Great telling of the tale, John. Glad you're all OK.

Wait ... inspect them for signs of alien abduction!
hTom - I actually intended to include the alien angle when I planned the story in my head, but, it got lost in the typing.
Heh.    Next time call Goatsbusters.
I'll let myself out....
So let me get this straight.  You fail the Camo Detection Exercise so you are going to punish the poor innocent pasture.

 I shall refrain from comment!
 I think someone described goats as "Satan's lawnmowers"
 Colin - goats are Satan's weedeaters.  Sheep are the lawnmowers.
The Sev: oh dear, I could make so many bad puns about goats...  they start with something about planning a new golf course and the goat-tee, and go downhill from there.