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Do a buddy a favor

Do a buddy a favor.pngThis isn't trolling for you guys to say nice things to me - it's to inspire you to do what I do - nay, just did over lunch.

This is a house along the route I drive to work. It's not as obvious in the picture, but that flag is tattered, tired, and ratty. The hem is gone and the stripes are starting to separate.

The home is not in great shape. I took a risk going up those stairs, if only because of the size of the shadow I cast. I can't fix that (though I have an idea on how perhaps Rotary and Lions and Kiwanis can, working together).

Based on the evidence going up to the door, a former Marine lives there.

I just left the flag and the note. To my lights, there's less chance of embarrassing someone - because the intent is not to shame someone. It's to brighten their day a tiny bit, in a way that I can.

Just paying my respects to my brothers and sisters in arms.

You drive by these homes, too. Every day.

The 4th of July is next week.

Cut a brother a huss, to reach back to a nearly forgotten war. You can afford it, and they probably can't.


Did you find work? I haven't seen a poor vet with a ratty flag, but there was a Restaurant in Marietta, OH that was flying a ratty flag and a friend and I complained about it. They sent someone out to buy a new one and had it up before we left. Good on you for the gift, and kudos for the attitude!
You're a good man, John Donovan.  Thanks for looking out for a fellow vet, even if he is a Marine.
Nicely done, sir! 
You're a good man, John.
They probably could not replace it on their own.
Thank you for braving the steps, and may GOD bless you...
 QM, you understand a very important concept. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "Speak softly and carry a very big stick." Believe me, it works! If you did it this way, you made a bigger impression than you could ever believe. Many times, this is a true test of good leadership. There is much to be said about the phrase, "Discretion is the better part of valor." You only embarrass someone when it is absolutely required.  -Grumpy

Well done, John.  It's the small, quiet gestures like that that really give people a boost. 

Also, good on you for trying to think of a way to help fix up that house a bit.