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 Not that I expect it to happen from this National Security Team - but if I were sitting behind the Resolute Desk, I'd be asking CENTCOM for their plan to blow all those Abrams we've left behind into little tiny pieces. Be nice to know where the Stingers are, too, but that's hoping for too much. There's a lot of kit in Iraq that is going to migrate elsewhere.


 Hello John, this situation as of noon June 13, 2014 in Iraq, considering everything that is public, I could easily see you with that classic case of monumental heartburn. In an emergency, you hear many people say, "Don't just stand there, do something!" Is implied that we should be sending troops back to Iraq. In reality, what we should be saying is this, "Don't just do something, stand there!" Before you do anything, know what you are going to do and the consequences for your choice. There are no free choices. Good or bad choices, all of them are expensive, don't start unless you are willing to pay the costs. Remember, Iraq did not want us to put troops on the ground after a certain date and they had a certain date that they wanted us out of Iraq. I should clarify that by saying they wanted our people out but they wanted the money and the weapons that we used.

It would have been nice to have a secret camera on board to show how our weapons were used. If we could have tracked the different tanks, it would have been nice and if they were used in such a way as to foster the tribal divides, we would have had the intelligence to "adjust their attitudes". We could just wait until they took their tanks into a secluded spot, with their troops slinking next to their tanks for safety and all of a sudden,**BOOM!** They would not even have woken up but died in their sleep. This sounds good enough for me. The part of your post that was interesting to me was the idea of turning a tank into shrapnel, WOW!