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The Castle is a plague village...

Both the Master and Mistress of Argghhh! are down with the plague. We've got the bonfires lit to burn off the bad air and to ward off travelers, and the Dead Cart drops by daily...

Here's something to tide you over.

The Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank - better known as the PIAT.  Proof the British gov't hated its soldiers.


Get well soon.
 Same problem here. I came down last week and was badly dehydrated by Sunday and ended up in teh hospital watching as the storms marched across OK, KS, MO, and AR. I'm glad the only problem you have is the plague.

I got out of the sick house Tuesday and Mrs. QM was in worse shape than I was. I ended up driving us home. We're both still down. I haven't been this low since the late 70s. I'm getting to catch up a bit on my reading. I just finished Irving's Goering Biography and will download another of his works to my tablet and start this evening on that. I won't be back at at work until Monday.

Take care. I rally hate the spring cols/flu/plague, whatever...
Hope you both get better, soon!
Perhaps that irritating bell-ringer, with the cart, will stop coming-round with his;
"Bring out your dead."
 Hope you both get well soon!
All the best.
Nice to see you back on the air... and get well soon.
Does PIAT repel comment spam? 

And I hope you're feeling better.