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 I think the part I like best is they consider this a *good* thing, and a defense of the President.

If he did only find out about this from the news, then this is shaping up to be the most obtuse and inept administration in the history of administrations... Ulysses Grant is probably dancing a jig.

Of course, they're also annoyed that their loyal serfs, the Press, dared report it.

Surprise: WH Says Obama Found Out About VA Scandal On the News

Let us have a Dead Pool - I take 5PM Friday afternoon for announcement of Shinseki's departure.


It'll be announced when something else is going on to distract the Squirrel watchers in the mainline stupidity media. 1700 on a Friday may be a good time for that.
After the evening news on the East Coast on Friday. Rick will decide to "pursue other interests" and "spend more time with his family" Next time Rick, remember that the troops only do those things that the boss checks. I know that you knew that, but you forgot.

 Sadly, it would appear not.  We're going to double-down on the failure of the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.

RNC response to President's VA statement.

No one in Washington understands the meaning of "accountability" any more.


Is there anything the Prez didn't first learn of from the evening news!!?

John, I would disagree with your claim; with this bunch, "accountability" seems to relate to "getting away with it."

Funny, he seemed to know a lot about problems at the VA while he was still Senator.
The fact that Obama seems to hear about all these scandals only after they've been reported in the MSM is scary.

Because the MSM is doing everything they can to cover for and protect their Comrade.

I can't believe the American public is letting him get awar with this lame a$$ excuse.

We're doomed.
1700 on Friday...too late to make the evening (S)nooze; all weekend for other stuff to knock it out of First Place.  Yeah, I'll take a piece of that action.

La Migra
Well, if you're going to leave that one hanging in the strike zone, I'm going to show my "Price Is Right" viewer experience and say 1721 on Friday. 
fdcol63, the American people have been trained and know that any type of disagreement with this administration is absolute proof of their racist bigotry and support for slavery and their approval of beating of said slaves. The king has no clothes and the people know they are to avert their eyes from their betters. The Rinos (republipukes) learned to bow and say "thank you Sir, may I have another" even before the MSM educated the masses to this new America standard.

As long as I am being a contrarian, my vote on the dead pool is as follows - the Secretary will hang on, twisting in the wind, drawing fire (and everyones attention) even after the body has quit twitching. Only after obama has determined that the public can no longer entertained (distracted) by the specticle will he be allowed to "spend more time with the family".  It will also be done after some other specticle has arisen to absorb all time and interest of the lapdog media and the cowed public. Any question about this scandle brought up after that point will be met wit derision and contempt and the only answer given will be the ever popular "But that is ancient history".
(cynical much?)
 RE: "Dead Pool"
I figure his resignation would be in the President's Office a long time ago. As you can well see, I really missed that one. But as I look at it, I don't believe that his resignation will make any significant difference. His resignation should be just one among many. There are many reasons why this situation exists and Shinseki  is not the only person responsible for this mess. I do believe many members of Congress plus the President and his staff are equally responsible. This is not a new problem, it had been around for many decades. I have seen both good and bad care from the VA. Veteran, every time you see a VA doctor, get a copy of his card with his email address on it and always put that address in your address book on your computer. If you have a bad experience with your treatment at a VA facility make a point to write an email. Do your best to try to explain your view of what happened. Call your Congressman, many of them have a special representative from their office that work only in a VA facility. You should ask for the name of the "Congressional Advocate or Congressional Liasion" and have them look into the offending incident. There are many resources, but many times is the veteran, himself or herself, that must initiate the investigation. Many times, if this happens and it is proven to be true, the VA has a more respectful response to you. One thing, don't just accept it, get involved. Keep records or a journal so that you know where you are in the process, at all times.

MSG  Grumpy, at the end of your last sentence you write, "(cynical much?)"  I figure it this way, you have just begun to become cynical. Why don't you just wait and let it ripen, just a little?  ;)