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President Obama@West Point


So, I've read the President's speech (still embargoed until delivery.) Here's the Cliff's Notes:

I shall not go on to the end, we shall not fight in Iraq,
I shall not fight on the seas and oceans,
I shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in our hashtags,
I won't defend our interests, whatever the cost may be,
I won't fight on the beaches, but will draw red lines,
I won't fight on the landing grounds, but will send stern warnings
I won't fight in the fields and in the streets, except in support of Occupy Wall Street
I won't fight in the hills, save to stop fracking and pipelines
I shall simply surrender, yet call it victory!
I just read the paper, and am outraged at what is going on that I just now heard about.
I will talk sternly, and convene a commission to study the issue!
Because this time it will be different!


You should be a Presidential speech writer
The Armorer would prolly go postal inside of a week from massive manic depression. It would be hard to blame him.
 No.  I'd just get fired upon submitting my first draft for review.
The Armorer would never go postal, he's a well known Squish. I would go postal and you would not want to be within bursting radius.
 Did you notice,  the embargoed so-called speech, always starts with **"I will not do..."**, rater then, what we will do? He is the walking poster child for the definition of "narcissism". He is just like most of the "elites".
President Ricky Ricardo strikes again...... "AY AY AY"
It certainly must be a depressing experience for these patriotic men and women, who have worked so hard for four years to perfect their skills to defend our country, to see how totally incompetent and out of touch their Commander in Chief is.

His last speech at West Point was his infamous surrender on date certain speech, and this one certainly does nothing to improve his image, or help our status in the world by strengthening our friends ro worrying our foes.  Instead, all are laughing at him.

What a total embarrassment.  He is as dumb as Joe Biden, just more articulate and able to project his supreme arrogance and confidence stemming from his narcissism.  Proof that if you give away enough "free stuff" anyone can win an election.

It's enough to drive a vet to become an alcoholic, but Obama's VA won't treat that, so better not.
May I suggest also reading the Belmont Club's post called Brother Rat

Wretchards aka Richard Fernandez take is very much in line with The Armorer only much more fleshed out


Rich in KCK

Ohh, you earned a link from Mattie hizzself ofver at BLACKFIVE.  Seems great minds and men think alike.