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On leadership

 Dear General Shinseki - it's time to open envelope #3 and clear your office. And take those game-playing administrators with you.


I never expected much from Shinseki, given his behavior as Chief of Staff. Remember the pretty hat? That's about all he accomplished as CS.
 I'll give him more credit than that, QM.  He had the right of it regarding Iraq.
I remember, years ago, reading a letter from Shinseki's SMA, explaining a number of the General's accomplishments. But, the hat IS the only one I remember...
Shinseki's SMA was a large part of the problem with the Beret issue. Shinseki asked him how the Ranger Regiment would react and got an answer similar to the one the Marine Corps Sergeant Major gave on pay and benefit cuts. Oh, sir, they'll just suck it up, no problem.

Shinseki failed as a leader by taking this advice instead of calling the Regimental Commander, telling him that he was going to shove the Army into black berets and coaching him through the letter that he needed to write asking the Army to approve a unique, tan beret for Army Rangers in recognition of their unique mission and history, thereby avoiding being mistaken for tankers. All would have been well, BUT, NOOO. I would not have guessed this when I knew him, but Shinseki has some leadership shortcomings.
 John, you do not go far enough. They should take everybody responsible for this fiasco, from both parties, clear their offices and involuntarily comit them to VA Care for the rest of their natural lives. I was thinking more like "". You know, that sounds like a good email address. The General would not be alone, he would have plenty of company.
It's been so long since he was CS I couldn't remember what he said about Iraq. I do remember my discussions with my Highway Super as County Engineer. We both thought we should just go in kill the regime, break anything we could find, then hand the keys to some other strong man and tell him "don't make us come back."