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No dynasties!

 Let me be clear: NO F**KING DYNASTIES!

The person sitting in the Oval Office is not an Oracle, a Seer, a Magic Shaman. And we chose to not go with the hereditary monarchy, why do we think we'll be better off going with the electoral equivalent?

From a comment on Carrie Costantini's Facebook post on the topic.

This:  "Chris Kenney I'm 32. 20 of those 32 years a Bush or Clinton was president. Time for someone new I think."


Jeb and Hillary Are the Wrong Candidates for 2016.



A country of over 300 Million can do better.  If not, we're doomed.
Alas, we have a population that seems to be apathetic as long as the goodies keep coming and they don't have to miss their fav on TV. As we are seeing, the GOP has as many low info voters as the Dimocrats and they are just as damaging.
Why is anyone surprised? 

Most Americans don't know what kind of government the Constitution established and don't care that the Courts, Congress and many presidents starting with Lincoln have treated the Constitution as something to be cut contveniently into 6x6 inch squares tacked at knee level, as you sit, in the outhouse. A nation of 350 million is probably too big for a successful republic.  Also while the Armorer has become what the Constitution was intended for a citizen. The rest of us are not.  The country was intended for small hold farmers as the majority of the population and we have not been successful in creating a suitable alternative core of citizens.  Like Rome, urbanization has killed the Republic. It is our unfortunate lot to be alive to see its deaththroes.

Our education system has been making this inevitable since about 1910 or so and has succeeded in preparing the population for socialism. Our education system is in shambles and no longer lionizes excellence but seeks equal ignorance or a best common low mediocrity.  I am afraid it may be over for America.
We could do no worse than the current adminstration, I don't think. 

But, Mrs. Clinton might prove me wrong.

JimC is spot on, as well.
JimC, don't blame urbanization on our political mess. It was Jefferson's fantasy to retain an agrarian republic. Note the word "fantasy." Fighting two world wars and the Cold War immediately after didn't help things, else we might have recovered after 1945.

And, frankly, for much of my life the education system wasn't too bad either. It wasn't until the Feds got involved that things really went south.

Me, I figure if we do go all dynastical, I'd ask for Prince Harry. :)
 **Bingo**! I can not top that one. Very well done, Sir.
It's not too late for America, yet.   But, alas, our side doesn't have the will or mindset to do what's necessary to save America ... or at least those parts that CAN be salvaged.  It would take extreme and direct action to do so, because the peaceful, legal remedies have already become too corrupted and tainted to stop the downward spiral into the sewer.  Leftists dominate ALL the institutions that shape and create "public opinion", and they've successfully corrupted the electoral system to such an extent that I have absolutely no faith in it anymore.  And the GOP Establishment leaders are nothing more than Dem Lite statists themselves, offering no real alternative except to get to the same level of oppressive Federal authoritarianism a little later than their Democrat opposition.
I feel compelled to point out the "no dynasties" argument was made in 2008 prior to the election of the current incumbent, who is responsible for making Jimmy Carter look good.
 John, I agree with you. But, sadly, I think you are looking at next Presidential ticket. You cannot begin to understand how much I hope that I am dead wrong. I think the choices will be something like this, option "A" sucks and option "B" also sucks, choose "A" or "B". There are no other options, like "None of the above". Then, they have the gall to say the voters are not interested. I am just tired of the reruns of this same BS.

John, respectfully, have a very Happy Mutha's Day. 8 ^ )