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I'm really not interested in getting involved in a new war (well, they're Islamic militants, I'm not sure that will qualify as new) but these guys are really begging for small holes in the forehead.

And if they cause us to lose containment of polio in the region... well, that's going to be even more annoying, as they spread their war on children from local to global.

Hundreds killed in Islamic militant attack in Nigeria.

I did say I wasn't interested in a new war. But I wouldn't mind a live-fire graduation exercise for the next SEAL/RANGER/DELTA/SPOOKY classes.

Or, as Heartless Libertarian suggests...  Roland, the Headless Thompson Gunner.


Either we both have great minds, or we're equally warped. I think a graduation exercise of that sort is a capital idea. I'm sure the entire class of each course would volunteer with great alacrity.
Great song. I heard the title in one of Ringo's Posleen series, but never looked it up. Love it.