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History Channel... jeebus, dudes, do your homework!

 I've been DVR'ing History Channel's "World Wars." I had hopes from the previews.


I can't get past a slovenly Captain Patton using a not-yet-invented machine gun (with the frickin' plate glass windshield up on the car), after having failed to drop a Villista with his trusty Lee-Enfield, followed by the Enfield and Spanish Mauser using Germans, while Hitler lovingly slides his WWII version of the M1905 (the M1 bayonet) bayonet on his Springfield rifle, before he drops it after getting blown down by artillery and then is not shot by the British private who had drawn a bead on him with his un-cocked/unloaded Springfield '03... of course the Brit didn't shoot him. He couldn't. And that's just the first 15 minutes. But the Grant tanks assaulting German trenches in France in 1918, and the B-17s lifting from French airfields to smash London during the Battle of Britain.... Well, that was okay.  I expect that from History Channel.

And historian David Brinkley beclowning himself nattering on, and Senator McCain asserting that Patton was an egotist...    What McCain is doing talking pre-WWI combat, I dunno.  Carrier warfare, POW issues, bombing stuff, sure.  Patton and a machine-gun troop, not so much.


This is history done in the same style as fiction over at SKK's place. Note the captions in Old Mossback's story of Disraelis and the "D" team.
I had the television tuned to this monstrosity for 30 minutes I although I did not watch for that long. It is truly unwatchable for anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of uniforms, weapons, history, and the combat footage of World War II. They clearly don't care about getting anything right and will not spend a dollar more than is required to get sponsors to sign up to put this crap on the air.
They don't even have the sequence of events right.

Or where the fight was [E.G.  Hitler attacked France thru the Maginot Line?  And incedently took the low countries about the same time as France?]

And the ships are modern JMSDF...

Fiction.  Too many errors to be called History...
C'mon people. Yer supposed to suspend belief. They're just telling a story. Seriously, stuff like this is why I don't watch TV anymore.
I rather thought McArthur getting in Roosevelt's face prior to WWII whilst wearing 5 stars was a unique touch, but indeed Patton would be whirling in his grave like a runaway gyroscope if he could see his portrayal.

Howard Zinn may have been the consultant for this mess, it is a likely explanation for all the errors.
 I found it ironic that Corporal Hitler had to trim down his mustache because his Desert Shiel/Storm-era Isreali surplus civilian gasmask wouldn't seal...  
 It is downright comical!  I especially enjoyed the German B-17 and Patton shooting over the foldable windscreen.  
Mac did get into a knock down, drag out verbal battle with FDR while Mac was chief of staff, but all he had was 4 stars. When he was recalled from retirement he was given only 3 stars and the 5th had to wait awhile. Either there were no infinity "clips" or the other stuff was so bad y'all didn't notice.
Ouch! I just saw the MacArthur-FDR clip. How could you get the man's rank wrong? Did they think he was born a five-star general?
Ha!  Told MrsJamesLee the other night as we were watching this that I bet there's a Donovan fella out there watching this and picking it apart over details like "what's Hitler doing using a Springfield?" that I honestly don't have the eyes to catch.

I DID catch the Japanese flag on a Burke destroyer though.  Ugh!