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Guardian and the Guarded.



More of a metaphor than perhaps you intended.
 I believe John knows *exactly* what he wrote, even it was only metaphorically. That "Auld Boy" knows on many more levels, than my old "thought processor" can compute. I think he has the right balance in this Nation's problems, without getting political. There are no innocent people in our government and all are responsible for this mess, without party distinction. Just maybe, the term "distinction" is the wrong choice of words, just maybe what we are looking at is "party extinction" with all of the tangent groups.
 Huh.  And here I thought all I did was post a picture of Molly and Pria...    
 It is said, "A picture is worth a thousand words." I don't have a thousand words.
 "The "Guardian" is a newspaper ... in the picture is a young goat ... a kid ... (thinking ... thinking) ..."

May the guard be ever alert!... As I recall you lost a young one some number of months ago.