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Germans in a trench, WWI

Putting some Castle militaria in context.
german_trench.PNG Clearly a posed photo. The bubba behind the shield is pretending to be ready to throw his grenade, yet the cap is still on the bottom, where the fuze string (that you pull before throwing) is. Besides, everybody is awfully calm for the enemy being in hand grenade range, with the machine gun being unmounted and unloaded... But I'm all about the Trench Shield Grenade Boy is standing behind. Because we have one, a battlefield recovery from Cambrai.

shield1.jpg And, here you go. Despite the surface pitting, this shield is as functional as it was about a century ago...

shield2.jpg "Front Toward Enemy"
Slide1.PNGAnd this one has the shield equivalent of the Purple Heart - a bullet strike with resulting stress fractures. This is exactly the kind of stuff I prefer - beat up and used, vice pristine. The fact that it also makes collecting cheaper is frankly just a nice side benefit.


Nice. Since it's a posed shot I expect that's why they aren't all wearing helmets?
A lot of armor was subject to proof test shots.  Not sure if that would be applicable to these, or if it is indeed combat wound.
 One would hope, J(NTA), that a proof shot resulting in stress fractures would be enough to cause a shield to be rejected, and tossed into the scrap pile for recycling.  This is a battlefield recovery, not a warehouse find. It could be a fragment or shrapnel hit, too.