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General Shinseki resigns...

Thank you for your service, General.  Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Secretary Shinseki had a meeting with the President at 10:15AM Eastern. Looks like I was off by a week on the General entering a new phase of his life.

The key take-away from all this is - while Shinseki properly gets to shoulder the blame - this is not entirely his fault. The VA needs a serious revamp and culture shift, a culture that has been venal since, oh, 1921, and screwed with 3 generations of my family.

And that means the new Secretary needs to be a head-hunter, with the tools and ability to do so.

Like it or no - and it will disrupt services - there needs to be a bureaucratic Night of the Long Knives in the VA upper management culture. There should be a lot of figurative jumping from the windows, because a far-ranging series of defenestrations, voluntary and involuntary, are going to be needed to fix the cultural issue.


Is there a line to help with the defenestrations? I'd like to join as soon as possible so I can enjoy the festivities along with you and the Centurion.
Fixing the blame, not fixing the problem. How American.
There needs to be criminal charges out of the VA disaster. First off being falsification of official documents, destruction of evidence and any number of charges that can be found in the federal code. After that there should be state indictments for negligent homicide if it is found that indeed there was deaths caused by the intentional delay of treatment. Maximum sentences to be served consecutively. I, thank the Maker, never had to resort to the VA for services as I was employed by good companies that took care of their employees. I was told by old soldiers that getting an appointment in anything less than six months for initial intake you would be lucky and this was 40 years ago.
Mad Dog!
Mad Dog!
Mad Dog!

He would fix it, and heads would roll.
The SCOAMF ran on VA problems in 2007!
Shinseki knew about the problems when he took the job.
Did he address them?
Did he do anything to fix them? NO.
Folks who were hired-in to schedule appointments at VA facilities were instructed how to "cook the books".
These aparatchiks were collecting performance bonuses while veterans died waiting for care.
I don't want to see them fired.
I want to see them going to prison!
They betrayed all those young men & women who put their lives on the line for their country, with the understanding that their country "Had Their Back".
They were lied to.
I will stop here. I have BP problems, and I can feel a problem coming here.
This will be blown-off by the MSM, but we will know.
So it goes...

Agree with Augetter, there should be a lot of VA people serving long prison sentences for the crimes they committed (especially the leadership)

On the death pool, the body had stopped twitching several days ago but the appropriate "new" item to focus on didn't show up until the day obama cut the General down (surprise, surprise, surprise).

I didn't think this administration could sink any lower, and then they declare open season on any and all military by demonstrating the rewards they will give to the most evil people on this planet. At least obama has shown he doesn't discriminate, he will bow and apologize to not only despotic world leaders, but to your average goat humpin', cave dwelling, pediphile prophet worshiping and cowards as well.

obama's Current reward for kidnapping an American GI?
  Five of your closest friends who have already been caught murdering American GI's and civilians are given a get out of jail free card and get to return to the battlefield for more jihad.
  I wouldn't be surprised if obama didn't give each one of them a fast and furious gun and quran as a parting gift.

  God save America from this evil addministration

God protect my Brothers in Arms, from all enemies foerign and domestic.
I'm waiting for some still serving (with access to the necessary weapons and troops) to live up to their oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic .... and I think all 3 branches have been infiltrated.

Interesting question: should (or even CAN) the military save the country if the civilian population either won't or can't save it themselves at the ballot box?  Would it even be worth saving in this case?

I fear that generations of Americans have intentionally been dummed down and misinformed to the point where they can not make good electoral decisions, and even if they could, I fear that the electoral process itself has been so corrupted that peaceful elections are simply just shams that no longer produce good results for the country.