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Dear Senator Sanders...

 - I assure you that I am not on the Koch Brother's payroll (note to Koch Bros - I *am* available, and local to Kansas).

I'm just a customer of the VA.

As was my father.

And my grandfather.

And a couple of cousins.

And just about every man, and not a few women, I work or are friends with is too.

I have a three-generation multi-valent perspective on the institution, not a Koch Brothers-infused obsession.

You, sir, are *part* of the problem. And don't appear to be any part of the solution.

Crazy Bernie Sanders Blames Koch Brothers for VA Scandal.


We're seeing the serious effects of age-related dementia or the delayed onset of 60's drug-induced paranoid psychoses on the part of these aging radical hippies.  They're moonbat crazy, either way.
Sanders is an effing idiot.  He is also a socialist, but wether that is a cause or effect, I am not sure.

Yeah, the VA has a lot of problems, but also a lot of fine people who do care and do their best.  Along with some folks who are incompetent, unmotivated, or just plain evil or greedy.  (Pretty much like Congress, but I digress.)  If you go to the VA, you got to ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky today?"

The Koch brothers have nothing to do with the VA's problems, although they did give $100 million for expansion of the New York Presbyterial Hospital.  Outraging liberals who would rather die than be saved by charity from a conservative, I guess.

The VA's biggest problem is that it is a huge governmen bureaucracy with all the limitations and complexity and protections that such beasts enjoy, usually to the detriment of the taxpayers, but benefit of the least productive workers.  Give Shinseki (or preferalby his replacement) unlimited authority to hire and fire without "due process" and you might see some changes.

As for your silly Senator, he can be replaced.

By the way, what has been said by our Commander in Chief, or his purportedly military supportive spouse about the VA scandal?  It's happening on his watch, and he clearly does not give a darn about the scandal or the suffering soldiers.
A quote, a cut and paste from the aforementioned article.  Thus spake Senator Sanders:

"It is good quality health care, according to the veterans themselves, and according to a number of independent surveys that have looked at it."

I say to you, Senator Sanders, and you may quote me in whatever media you may choose.  

Dead men tell no tales. 

Proof of his moonbattery is given when he cites the Post Office as a "popular" service.