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By their tools...

...shall you get some sense of the men (and latterly, women) they were...

veterans1.jpgCharleville Musket - Nicholas Meriwether of the Contiental Line during the Revolution..
Springfield Model 1835 (percussion conversion) - William Meriwether, 5th Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, War with Mexico
Enfield "Three band" rifle, Stephen and William Meriwether (a different William), and Pappy Hays, my great-great grandfather - a member of the Orphan Brigade.
Springfield M1873 "Trapdoor" - Thomas Meriwether, USV, Cuba (his actual rifle)
US Model of 1898, "Krag" - Thomas Meriwether, USV, Philippines (again, his actual weapon).
US Model of 1917, the Auld Soldier's father, Daddy Jack, WWI.

veterans2.jpgUS Rifle, M1. Colonel William Meriwether, Arkansas Army National Guard and Lieutenant Tim Donovan, AUS, WWII, Korea.
Thompson Submachinegun - Colonel William Meriwether, Korea, Lieutenant and Lieutenant Colonel Tim Donovan, Korea, Vietnam.
US Rifle, M14, Captain and Major Tim Donovan, peacetime. Me, peacetime.
M3 "Grease Gun" - LTC Tim Donovan, Vietnam, me, peacetime.
M16, LTC Tim Donovan, Vietnam, and me.


 Better put a Cutts on the Thompson so it doesn't slip off the rack and spoil a fantastic display.  It is the history that makes collecting fun, and direct history like that is priceless.
 Actually, the M3 and Thompson reside in a display case, while the others are racked.
I inherited an 1898 Krag that I love to shoot from my Grandfather.
That is a just plain awesome collection of family history!  Have you considered a nice informational placard to display with the weapons?

 Just to be clear - only the Trapdoor and Krag are *actual* family-used weapons, that was certainly a different era.

And no, no placard.  Those weapons are normally scattered about the collection.  They just got together for this photo-op.

And I'm kicking myself because I forgot the M1 carbine, which the Auld Soldier carried in Korea and Germany (post-war).





Outstanding collection! And I'm also impressed that you know the history of the particular weapons, especially the antiques. My regards