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Brothers in Arms

I have a surprising amount in common with these two pistols.
[This pic will embiggen if you click on it.]

All three of us were born in Germany.  The beat-up P38 in 1944, and the mostly pristine P1 in 1980.  The P1 and I started our military careers in Germany in 1980, though I rather think I had a somewhat more active career...  

And all three of us ended up as retirees in Kansas...  The P38, for all that wear and tear, is rather more functional than I am, I admit.  He's just as dangerous as the day he was made, he just shows the mileage...



If I had one, it would look like one of these. Which one, I cannot say as I do not have one. I think.
I've got a sort of "bastard" P1/38.
It's an AC43 upper on an aluminum P1 frame.
No intrinsic/collector value, just an oddball shooter.
I think I got it for $80 in the company cafeteria in 1970.
That, in itself, is strange, as the company had/has a "no Guns on company property" policy for ever.
I "packed" to work for 21 years.
The Walther always had too much muzzel-flip for me.
I prefer the 1911.
 Well said about balance of living life and remembering.