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Ah, the VA circus continues...

 First, Secretary Shinseki beclowned himself in hearings today. 

Go home, General. Thanks for your interest in veterans and national defense.

Then there's this juicy quote from William Schoenhard, deputy undersecretary for health administrative operations, in an NBC article:

"Wrote Schoenhard, “Please be cautioned that since 2008, additional new or modified gaming strategies may have emerged, so do not consider this list a full description of all current possibilities of inappropriate scheduling practices that need to be addressed. These practices will not be tolerated.”"

Uh-huh. Exactly how many and who got fired or seriously disciplined, Mr. Schoenhard? Because if you can't answer that question, in the affirmative, with names, then guess what? These practices *are* being tolerated.

Memos Show VA Staffers Have Been 'Gaming System' for Six Years


Heads. Must. Roll.

Both those guilty of playing games, and those who foolishly were negligent in their duty to ensure that the facts being reorted were accurate. 

Shinseki's actions are inexcusable.  If he is a man of honor (debateable) he will fire a bunchof people and then hand in his resignation.  Otherwise, resignation or firing would bethe only acceptable action on his part.