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About Open Carry and the idiots who push it idiotically...

 This is a Facebook post I put up yesterday (hence the "block" and "unfriend" reference).

I think Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action are confiscating gun banners in sheep's clothing.

But I think the in-your-face nature of Open Carry Texas is also beyond stupid. If that offends you, the "block" and "unfriend" buttons are up there for your use.

And no, I'm not interested in debating it. Honestly, if you feel the need to wander around town with a rifle... Hey, I carry rifles in and out of events and such all the time. But I don't carry rifles into restaurants and places like that. I leave them in the car.

This sort of stunt does not advance anything other than... gun control impulses. You only reinforce the committed, and you don't change the minds of the mushy middle.

Gun Control Group Asks Chipotle To Ban Guns After Open Carry Event.

gunschipotle.jpegThese bubbas should *not* be the face of the Gun Rights movement.  If you think carrying "tactically," with magazines inserted and booger-hook near the trigger is a good idea - you are a SWAT action looking for a place to happen.  And deservedly so.

Sling it across your back.  Better yet, leave it in your car.  But if you think you are really going to get all Rambo and save the world with that approach...  meh.

Just because you *can* doesn't mean you should do it in the most pig-headed in-your-face manner possible.

Because you look like buffoons.  Because you are.

And you set the gun rights movement back.  You are *not* advancing it.



Further, as a CCW holder, if I saw those bung h*les walking into my awareness space looking like that, my first reaction would be to check for the closest cover I could dive to and fire from if/when they go active shooter. 

Even here in Arizona where open carry is more accepted than most places I have lived,  rated the most gun friendly state in the union, I have never observed anything more than handguns that the bearers have the decency to keep in holsters.

Lessee here, DUMB and DUMBER?  NAW, more like DUMBER and DUMBERER!

La Migra
Amen.  These bozos give us all a very bad image and do NOTHING to advance any part of the gun rights agenda. 
I would still oppose it if they were not in the physical appearance and dressed like a stereotype of a Hollywood redneck trailer park beer party.   Even open carry of handguns should be done when people are dressed respectably, and behave accordingly, not like some Rambo wannabes.

"Why shouldn't people carry rifles openly?"

"Because it causes other people to panic, that's why!"

"Why do people panic when they see a guy peaceably carrying a rifle?"

"Because they aren't used to it!"

" are they going to get used to it (again) if they never see it?"


It's a two edged sword.  As long as the press and the internet can whip up anti-civil rights frenzy about it, it hurts us.  But that is short term.  Long term, as more and more people do it, and crime keeps dropping, and people see that, hey, these aren't the 1/8 of 1% who abuse their civil rights, slowly minds will change.  But as long as we kowtow to the Bloombergians, we allow them the upper hand.



Oh for f*@k sake...

I'd display the Raised Eyebrow of Total Disdain and take them the trunk of my car.

This is what your average Yiddish speaker would refer to as "putzes."

That is all.
JL, familiarity and acceptance come a lot easier when the people trying to gain it display some courtesy, and not at all when they act both  threatening and too crazy to approach, let alone reason with.  Courtesy with a handgun is concealed or holstered, even though it may be quickly accessible.  Going around in public spaces with a handgun drawn, finger by the trigger, posed at low ready (analogous to how these guys are holding their rifles)  for no particular reason says crazy person, imminent threat to anyone who is paying attention.  Same goes for holding a rifle at low ready like these characters.  The message they are sending is that they are about two hundred milliseconds from launching a Klebold and  Harris or James Holmes re-enactment.  Least obnoxious position for a rifle is cased.  As noted by JTA, slung on your back is probably least threatening if the weapon is not cased.
I'm not one to ever condone the confiscation of firearms. However, in cases like these two asshats, any and all firearms they own should be confiscated, followed by the immediate sterilization of the aforementioned asshats. That gene pool needs a lot of chlorine.

 Joe - like I said, if you need to carry it for a legitimate purpose, carry it slung and unloaded.  Otherwise you *do* fit the template for "might well be dangerous."  Do you seriously see a need to stand around in a restaurant like that?  

I get your point - I just don't think it applies to these yahoos.  And that what they are doing is having exactly the *opposite* effect they putatively seek.



I doubt they were standing like that after the camera went 'click.' Looks posed to me.
 QM - so?  They were standing like that *in* the bleeping store.

It's just nonsense.

The Westboro Baptist Church of the Second Amendment? Viz., trying to make a legtimate point, but trying way too hard; so much so that they overshoot. 

(Westboro's legtimate point being that President G. W. Bush should have reversed President Clinton's implementation of "Don't ask; don't tell" to the previous "No way, no how." The too far being "God sent the IEDs;" i.e., God was punishing the US military for a man who knew better not reversing the policy of a man who didn't.)
These dumbasses accomplished an "Own Goal" for gun-rights.
Yeah, dickheads, just because "you can" does not mean "you should".
This kind of bullshit stunt scares the neutral "norms", who are neither on the pro-or-con side into being on the con-side.
Way to go, ass-hats...
Grim at Blackfive has reposted an article "On the Open Carry of Arms"  which seems relevant.