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A modest proposal...

Given the kerfuffle and angst among you over DoD's decision to transfer Manning to the Federal system for transgendering support, and Secretary Hagel's intended review of rules and regulations regarding the service of transgendered troops, where he asserted "every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they fit the qualifications and can do it" I believe we need *yet* another review.

Why can't the disabled and fat serve if they want to? It's their right, according to the Secretary.

Why can't a 400lb gaming god in a wheelchair pilot a drone from a hangar in Las Vegas? Those pilots never deploy. Why then should we insist they look fit and trim and be able to amble around a track and have good aerobic health?

Seriously. Isn't the only relevant qualification a desire to serve and an ability to fly what amounts to a flightsim?

And if they die in harness before reaching retirement eligibility how is that anything other than a win for the budget?

C'mon - in a time of budget austerity, this is a proposal whose time has come.

We're going through the drill of having to justify every female-excluded position for its abuse of male muscular privilege, we should do the same regarding the disabled.

Typed totally without tongue-in-cheek. 


Dead on.  Well said.
We're looking more and more like the Dutch military.  And I'm not sure that's a good thing.
 "Typed totally without tongue-in-cheek." John, I know that was a very tough task, but somebody had to do it. I guess there is nothing in need of surgical attention.
My Company recruiter (National Guard) explained to me years ago that he could not enlist one young man, who seemed to be a promising soldier, because he was 'ugly'.

'Say WHAT?"

The regs weasel worded it, but the upshot was that if a person's physical appearance detracted from military 'polish', they were not eligible for enlistment.

But, realistically, I fully support the Heinlein solution.
You left out us old codgers. Ageist!
 Nah, you fall under "hopelessly disabled."

If they are willing to serve and they can serve in their own way, let them. The RN Reserve used the same ranks as the RN, but all the bars had waves on them so you know they were Reserves (leading to the nickname "Wavey Navy") Induct them into the Reserves under a special catergory, have them wear a rank that is similar but different to the deployable military.