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Tanks, tanks everywhere you look.

 Well, MRAPs.
Sometimes the news is just so drearily awful that you have to sit back and almost appreciate the pure comedy induced by it.

Take this item from Washington, Iowa, where the local police have recently acquired an MRAP vehicle (short for Mine Resistance Ambush Protected) through a Defense Department program that donates excess vehicles originally produced for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to local police departments across the United States, including other Iowa towns such as Mason City and Storm Lake.

I feel even mo' safer now.

Byrd: The new Washington war machine.


 Just wait until these departments see their annual maintenece budget eaten by these monsters - bet you can't just go down to Discount Tire and get a set.  If my memory serves me correctly, I believe a commentor in the past outlined what maintenence hogs these beasts were.
Grumpy, what they're doing is grabbing something they can get for free or next to nothing. What they get is a maintenance headache and the thing will end up sitting somewhere slowly rusting away.

The Cherokee Tribe has a M-60A3 sitting near the council house that's just sitting and rusting. They may have the idea of making it a display piece, but all it's doing is sitting at the end of a driveway and rusting away.
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The crime-ridden ghetto of Burlington Vermont actually acquired two MRAPs.   The last Burlington Police Officer to die from gunshots in the line of duty?  1904.