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On annoying Liberals...

I objected to this sign in it's original form, because I know several gun-owning Liberals and several more who, while they wouldn't touch a gun by choice, don't believe that ours should be taken from us. That, and I'm not quite the fan of Nugent other's are, given his own description of how he influenced his draft status.

So, I tweaked it a bit.

But let's face it, if you *really* want to annoy a hoplophobe - remind them this could be in the house next door and they'd never know it...





Nice lighting in the Arsenal.
I guess that pic of the Armory would really annoy a libtard, if you classify a massive coronary as annoyance. I approve whole heartedly of such annoyance.
You could probably annoy a few gun-loving conservatives with smaller collections as well... :)
 That would be envy, Casey.
You don't NEED all those guns!  So you should send about a third of them to Vermont.... 

Fair is fair.  Just sayin'
 Who made you the Decider-in-Chief of what I need, there, Jarhead?
My point, QM! :)

John, URR is merely implementing a modified method of addressing social injustice. In this case, the injustice is the blatant and unrepentant hoarding of valuable bang-sticks.
That's not a hoard, that's an Armory. URR is just jealous becuz he chose the wrong service.
 Hey, I didn't steal 'em from anybody.  I walked in the store, or answered the ad, or won the auction.  Din't stop nobody from nuthin'.  Frickin' Marines have been looking with envy at our motorpools and arms rooms since, like, the Founding.
John, I say we make 'em a branch of the Army and get 'em properly straightened out.