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Little Eddie Snowden...

Interesting read on the topic.

Edward Snowden-Insider Threat


 Yes. Very interesting read. I like the last frame in the ppt.

I have serious doubts that the FSB has gotten nothing from him. He can claim that in public, but I would say he's lying through his teeth. Same with the Red Chinks. I agree he's no hero.
I would just like to remind everyone that one of the major goals of Leftists, a la Antonio Gramsci's incremental strategy of the "long march through the institutions and culture", is to destroy the citizenry's faith and confidence in all the major institutions in American and Western society. By doing this, they hope to foment the chaos and anarchy necessary to seize control, promising to restore civil order and safety at the cost of freedom and liberty.
 So, Frank, you're saying that Snowden is a Gramscian, vice just a narcissitic anarchist tool?  

Traitor, plain and simple, regardless of his motivation, psychological issues, narcissism, or anything else.

Sadly, and pretty scarily it is almost certain that the Russkies and Chicoms have figured out a way to access his data stash.  That puts us at a huge disadvantage.  As if our unilateral disarmament and pathetically naive foreign policy and defense leadership was not a big enough problem to worry about.

I would hope that every covert operative and hired killer we can find is given a green light to take out this traitor.  No amnesy, no trial, just termination, ASAP.
 John, I don't think this issue is limited to just Snowden himself. I think we also have to look into the motivations of Glenn Greenwald and other journalists who have helped to publicize the story, and also elements within the NSA (all are not the media stereotyped "right-wing fascists") who have orchestrated and run the surveillance state we now have, much of which violates Constitutional principles and 1st/4th Amendment rights.

As in Bernie Goldberg's book "Bias", I don't think we have to have an organized cabal sitting in a dark, smoke-filled room to have a "conspiracy" to pursue Gramsci's strategy (although who really knows what happens at the Bilderberger or Bohemian Grove meetings ... LOL). Rather, these people think alike and are advancing their agenda and promoting policies and actions to achieve their objectives regardless.
 I meant to include other government officials as well as NSA people in my comment above.
Just whacking Snowden would not be nearly enough, as he has shared the info with Wikileaks' Julian Assange, Greenwald, and, God only knows who else.
Should probably add Manning to the list, too.
I think that we should take-off and nuke the site from orbit.
It's the only way to be sure.
Still, it wouldn't happen to a nicer guy...

 If we're going to whack a few, then Greenwald would have to be very high on the list as well.
1. Very interesting PP deck presentation
2.  Personal views about Snowden irrelevant-probably the biggest intell failure in U.S. history-at least since the Soviets penetrated the Manhattan Project.
3. Who has been held accountable?  At NSA? NSA overseers in Exec. and Congress? ( And "massaged" retirement is not accoutability.)