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It had to happen.

PTSD.jpg Ya knew it was gonna happen. Inevitable, it was.

Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Veterans To Warn Neighbors Of Their Combat Service

The name of the bill is pure genius.


Funny but a little late for April fools eh?
Sadly, based on previous actions by our 'leaders' this is all too believable.
Naming Moron Moran as the sponsor of the bill is as much an act of genius as the name of the bill. Moran is utterly believable as the sponsor of something like that.
 Satire, not true
It's from Duffle Blog people. The entire blog is about satire, parody and ridicule. This is a good one and fits the left quite well.
QM, half the fun is watching commenters reactions after someone tells them they fell for a satirical article... :)

 Watching Moran's FLAILEX in response has been fun, too.

Paul got a good scalp on this one.




 Today it may be satire; but tomorrow, who knows ...