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"History may not repeat itself...

 but it certainly rhymes," as Mark Twain is credited with saying.

Ukraine: "Then they came for the Catholics..."

Interesting - one of the reasons put forth for the demise of the League of Nations was because it couldn't handle something like Hitler's Germany.

The UN doesn't seem to be doing too much better at handling Putin's Russia, thus far. It is early yet, but things don't look good. Europe is as lethargic this time around as they were in the 30s.


The UN is worse off than the league. Russia has a permanent seat on the security council. Therefore, nothing will be done. FDR was a castrati and allowed the fox to live in the chicken coop.
 I guess the new mantra will be something like this, "Never say that it can't get any worse!" The pieces in the puzzle are all starting to fit together. The Palestinians and Hamas has signed agreements with each other. It appears that all of the events are all connected with these actions of the Russians, in the Eastern Ukraine. The really sad thing is the fact that there is already a shortage of weapons in our Country, today. We should not just build weapons, we need to learn the best way to make the best use of them. But the most contentious question will be this, how do we pay for them?

John, The Armorer, had an excellent observation. In the US, we have a 2 party system. On one side, we have the Elites and on the other hand we have the Non-Elites. The Elites need to find ways to support this Nation. But before you say anything, I believe it is important to say the same is true of the Non-Elites. I am not against tax cuts, but let's make sure that the money is used to create new jobs. If it is proven that the tax cuts are actually creating new jobs that others may work, then I believe they should stay in place. But if you cannot prove that you are creating jobs for others, then you should lose your tax cuts. For the Non-Elites, you need to find your place to support this Great Nation. This is true for every citizen of this Nation. This does not mean that you must serve in the Military, but you should serve. You must find your own place to serve, if it is not the Military. "To those who have been given so much, then much is expected from them." As you begin to understand that is never yours, you are just a steward of the things that have been given to you. Even if these things are the result of a greater education, you are still just a steward. In my view, this changes the whole picture. 
Since when was the UN good at anything, except rubber-stamping approval after the fact?