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 Looks like we're going back to the captcha.  Though I'm trying something else today.


Let it be known that the Quartermaster has absolutely no objections to the return of captcha. SKK uses it, as do many Blogger sites and it seems to be the only way, other than registration, that controls the spammers. Registration, OTOH, is a pain to administer. Do watcha need to Armorer to pertect yourself. It's supposed to be enjoyable, not a daily trial.
OK, I'll act as your first guinea pig. FIRST TO COMMENT and I (oddly) have nothing to say...
Story of my life.
Yeah, I shouldn't have stopped for coffee before commenting...
QM, Movable Type comes with it's own registration system which is recognized by MT as well as several other commenting systems. My own nomination for best general registration system is Disqus, although I can't say how well it hooks up with MT.

But lets sit back, and try the captcha thingy... :)
 Spammer, you have got to hate'em. speaking of, my mom makes $6,000/week working from... LOL, just testing. Thanks for all the effort!
Rob in Katy

Do what you need to do. We'll adjust.
I say take off and EMP'em form orbit, only way to be sure.....
 Haven't checked in a while....good to see you back!