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Excuse me, but...

The Garrison Command Sergeant Major wants to speak to you.

Don't forget your reflective belt. 10250042_616872571727669_2139015809_n.jpg


Per Murphy:

No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection.
No inspection ready unit has ever passed combat.
I feel like the military is entering 1975 again...  It wasn't much fun the first time around.
It's far worse than 1975, Pogue. Far worse.
To bad that our politicians, many civilians and too many in the military think that the armed forces is a social service organization meant to reduce unemployment, encourage harmony between races, genders and other lifestyle choices.  They need to learn that the armed forces are there to defend the nation and its citizens, from enemies, both foreign and domestic.  It does that by breaking things and killing people.  Its been that way since Hammurabi and has been found to work very well.  Any thing else degrades it and puts the nation and its citizens at risk. 
Do away with short sleeved shirts, they look silly anyway. No tats on faces. Problem solved.
I had an Uncle who enlisted in the Navy in '42. I got a copy of  his service record last year and had a good LOL after reading his enlistment application. Where it listed "Distinguishing Marks" was a list of tatoo's so long they had to continue on the back of the form. He had been an oil field roughneck and tats were a part of the job. He would be SOL if he wanted to enlist now.

He was lost with USS Grayling in '43 so I can't laugh with him about it, but I'll bet he'd laugh too.
Perhaps someday soon Grayling will be found, perhaps in Lingayen Gulf. She was a fine boat and we remember her and her ship's company, on Eternal Patrol.
"Take me to the brig. I want to see the real Marines"
- Gen. Lewis B. Puller
I love that picture!
I have the uniform (I'm OLD), the smoke, the drink(it's late), and the attitude!
We were taught to kill people and break their sh*t.
That was it.
I was in '76-'80.  When it came time for them to approach me to reenlist we were Topless and XOless.  The CO called me in to make the pitch.  All I could do was look blankly at him and say, "Sir, you're kidding, right?  No thanks, Sir, not interested in a bonus - made that mistake when I signed up."