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Don't even get me started on those...

...two old ladies lying in bed. 10177296_387514758056931_5927863510552622228_n.jpg If you can complete this sentence, "Napalm sticks to little..." you are probably an Auld Soldier, or hang out amongst 'em.


I haven't heard that sentence in years and can't recall how it ends. The only thing Sherman and I see eye to eye on is "war is hell." Anyone who thinks we can defend the country with marshmallow guns is simply insane.
When I went through the MOS school for Blackhawk Repairer in 2008 they made me class leader of mostly kids right out of basic.  I chose the napalm line for the class motto, meaning of course everone got to sound off at the top of their lungs whenever we did anything.  Yes, I was trying to get into trouble, and strangely enough no one ever said a work about it.  Our senior instructor was retired Army with plenty of RVN time, and he about swallowed his tongue the first time he heard us he was laughing so hard.  Oddly enough, they would never let me call cadence when we were running around Ft Eustis...
Lord help me, John, that cadence was the first thing in my head when I saw that cartoon... :)
Yeah, General Sherman sure set out to prove his point; it's a bit ridiculous but I have said that Sherman is the reason that so many military come fromt the South--having seen (or heard from ancestors) what war could be like here, Southerners are more willing to make sure that our battlefields are in someone else's backyard. The Scottish / tradition theory makes more sense.

(Where was that column: "Why There are Grits in the DFAC"? Ah; figures.)
I think I know how it ends, but only from Skippys List.

I'm partial to "When my grandma was 93, she could do PT better than me!
"When my grandma was 94, she did PT just to stay alive....."
My ol' Granny is 96 Does Airborne PT just for kicks Two old ladies lying in bed one turned to the other and said I wanna live a life of danger I wanna fly a UH-1