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As an aside...

BTW, these Redlegs needed to understand chemistry, physics, math, meteorology, and cartography. And be able to schlep 95lb projectiles.

Think about it.



For some the most important ability is that of schlepping those 95 pounders. Can you calculate the 5th root of the Laplace Transform of x^2? You can exact your revenge if you have 2nd on the 4th.
But a Marine instructor at Fort Sill told us all we had to do was put the pointy end in the hole, close the door and pull the string.  He also taught us the "Fort Sill rock drop method" of aligning your aiming circle over the survey marker if you happened to be missing your plumb bob.
While they may all be Redlegs, I'd have to agree that there may be a considerable intellectual difference between gun bunnies and fire direction specialists. LOL
Plumb Bob? How quaint. I use either and optical or laser plummet to set my "aiming circle" over the point. Lest anyone react in an untoward fashion, I'm a Professional Engineer and Professional Surveyor.