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What's wrong with this picture...

d-day units.jpg


I'm usually focusing on the wrong thing, but the "Ruptured Duck" stands out to me.
 I think the reference to "Almighty God" would be considered what's wrong with this picture. Lots of panties get twisted with things like that today.
The 'Sunset Division' (41st Infantry, National Guard) was the first division deployed to the Pacific, never served in Europe. The 38th was also National Guard serving in the Pacific, but I've now run out of knowledge...

 For a picture about D-Day, there is only one unit patch for a D-Day unit - VII Corps, which was the C2 headquarters for the 4th Infantry Division.

There are several units (as Dennis noted) that only served in the Pacific.  I suppose you could sorta count the "Ghost Corps" patches, as they were part of the overall deception plan for Europe (not just D-Day).  The "Occupation of Austria" patch (the red and white shield, with sword and olive branch) of course didn't yet exist.  Nor did TRADOC, the patch to the lower left of the VII Corps patch.



 Glenn555, your reference to Eisenhower's Letter to the Troops, using the phrase, "Almighty God", was most definitely, not out of place. The hard part is our understanding of D-Day. Normandy was only a small portion of the total effort. The Nazis and Rommel fully expected that George Patton would lead the actual attack and Eisenhower only fed this assumption. George Patton was sent to Calais, precisely for the reason to keep the Nazis off balance and ignorant of the real plan. When we talk about "Ghost Corps", we are talking about a massive coordinated intelligence operation. There were planned attacks coming from the Scandinavian countries, from Italy and even from the Pacific. Ike wanted to keep Rommel so busy with "Phantom Attacks", that he would never really figure out where the actual attack would originate. Actually, Rommel was fixated on Patton. In Rommel's view, if there was an attack, George Patton would lead it. Therefore, Patton was given his own Command of a complete "Phantom Force" but his force was never planned to be operational, even as a "Phantom Command". This is the reason why Rommel with back home to visit his wife, America and its allies would never be ready or so he thought. WRONG!
 The flaming sword patch belongs to the 63rd Infantry (My old unit was under 63rd ARCOM) and the first elements didn't hit europe until Dec 1944 and that looks like Ike's D-Day letter??
The shoulder flash for 1st Canadian Division is a rectangle, not a diamond.

 Grumpy, I only meant that it would be considered "out of place" today. Sadly, this is the case. My being a sailor not overly familiar with the unit patches, noticed the letter foremost.
 That was brought up elsewhere, John, appropriate that it be you to bring it up here.  No hint of the Allies, at all.
J.M., but it's wrong even then ... wasn't the 1st Canadian Division in Italy at the time (the famous D-Day Dodgers)? It was the 3rd that landed on D-Day, yes?