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Whatever happened... standards? And pride?

Much less leadership?

From the WaPo: Secret Service agents on Obama detail sent home from Netherlands after night of drinking

I don't really blame Obama on this (though he could fix it pretty quickly, should he want to exercise himself on it) - this is squarely on the shoulders of the leadership of the Secret Service. Who clearly have not cleaned up from the Colombia fiasco.

Over on Facebook, someone basically said this was just Bush's fault - the SS developed a "frat boy" culture on his watch.


Even if I were to accept that premise...

In my world, when you've owned something for 5 years, it's yours, you are past the point of "Envelope #1 (Blame your predecessor) and Envelope #2 (Blame the System) you are at Envelope #3 (Prepare 3 envelopes).


Zer0 needs to prepare those 3 envelopes and leave. He owns it all now. Actually, he's owned it almost from the beginning. He can only blame a small part at the beginning on the eeeevil Boosh.
 Actually, I don't really blame Obama on this one - except in the generic "He's in charge" aspect.   This lies squarely at the feet of the professional and any appointee staff at the Secret Service.
I agree with you. He's in a position that were I over him, I'd give him a decent interval to allow him to collect a few heads, then submit his resignation before I had the chance to collect his.

Yet just as the rank-and-file get their cues and limits from their superiors, those same superiors get their own cues and limits from their own superiors. I wouldn't let Obama and his administration off the hook completely on this - his administration has certainly set no gold standard (not even a tin standard) for accountability, competence or leadership. Why does Sebelius still have a job - because she's willing to lie and dissemble for the cause? Why didn't the IRS get a top-to-bottom scrub?

While this latest example concerns the Secret Service, I remember you expressing your disapointment in some of the Armed Forces leadership in the past as well. To me, it's the same general problem. No firm hand, accountability and leadership from above results in p***-poor performance from everyone below. I've seen it in the business world, and we're seeing it in the political one.

We haven't had actual leadership - real, true leadership - out of our political class for decades. One guy, a Democrat no less, used to have a sign on his desk "The Buck Stops Here ", and he actually operated like that. Today, all we have are poll-driven mugwumps that do whatever keeps the largest number of marks content and ignores the rest. They may mouth concern for the "working class American", but all they really care about is the health of Big Government, Inc. Worse still, I don' t see any real leadership on the horizon, from either party. Bog help us all.

If my job was to protect Obastard, I'b be an alky by now.
 The fish rots from the head.  I wouldn't take a bullet for that sorry POS.