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Something to reward you for showing up...

From top to bottom (complete rifles): German Gew41(W), Egyptian FN49, Hakim, and Rasheed. Austrian STG58 (or as close as you're going to get thanks to the bubbas at ATF), Garand, and a US Rifle, Model of 1917. egyptians.jpg


 Don't bitch about the ATF.  We can't even have a semi-auto 22LR here in Oz.  The closest I can come to that rack is a stand of P14s (rifles No. 3 Mk 1 & 1*).
 Granted that OZ's bubbas are worse than DC's bubbas, but it isn't for lack of trying on the part of the corruptocrats in DC. We'd be as bad off as the UK if they had their way. Fortunately, there has been a ton of work to keep them out of our gun cabinets, and with some states run by libtards trying to make criminals of us, the libtards are starting to run scared because of the threat of armed insurrection if the cops are told to start confiscation.
Cool, may we see the rest of the poster(s)? 
The founders were quite familiar with the British Constitution and therefore opted for a written one with limited powers of the federal government balanced amongst the three branches. Even then, it has been a close run thing.
 Yea your back!!!!