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 Ya know who is happy, really happy, in a very practical, if perhaps not personal, way about the media (and thus, our) obsession with Flight 370?

President Obama, President Putin, President Assad, President Maduro, and President Rouhani, and any other beleaguered politician, because no one is paying any attention to their problems and designs any more. Millions of people at risk, and we're obssessing over 239.

It's as bad as Greta Van Susteren and Nancy Grace's obsessions with missing pretty young blondes. Although Greta is acting like she's the Lead Investigator for Flight 370.

"The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." While probably mis-attributed to Stalin, that seems the operative force at work here. Meanwhile, in the background, the politicians toil unobserved, unaccountable.


Great. Now you've done it. By this time next week a new conspiracy theory will be all over the intertubez: the US/Russia/Syria/Iran shot down an airliner to distract people from the real tragedy!!
Reminds me of item #100 on the Evil Overlord's list: all my subjects will have fast internet connections so they can waste hours and hours of time playing games and not plotting to overthrow me.

Yes, I read that on the Internet. 
On the serious side, the obsession is a bit much, but I agree with Greta that the disappearance of a large size airliner merits a bit more than drive-by reporting.

On the conspiracy side, shooting down by nation states is so un-subtle.  Instead, what could possibly be more likely than the activation of a nut case by the great RosibergerIlumiBildercrucianati and Students'  Marching Society Conservatory Band  conspiricy that is really running the show with nation states allowed to believe that they are the star actors on the stage?  As good directors and stage managers,they don't want their stars roles cluttered with trivia that is best handled by bit part actors, don'tcha know?  The nutcases mostly generate themselves.  All the puppet masters have to do is identify them through their letters to the editor, web postings, etc., do deep psychological profiling to know what kind of event each individual could generate if they went over the edge, what would be their trigger, and maintain a database to keep track of it all.  Then, when a particular type of distraction is needed, they select a matching nutcase, provide the triggering event (possibly a cleverly worded posting to a web page frequented by the selected nut case) that resonates with their personality and world view, and sit back and watch the show.  In extremely urgent cases, they select a three-letter black ops agency from whatever country suits their purpose and have that agency catch the subject without his/her tinfoil hat and hit them with a beam of mind control microwaves. 8-^)

 The fire theory has become a bit more plausible with the airline admitting a cargo of Lithium Ion batteries was aboard.

But, yeah, the Newshounds osession has gotten a bit much. But, this isn't their first, not will it be their last.