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I love it when people are surprised that militaries...

 ...sit around and plan for war.  

They would be irresponsbile in their duties if they weren't doing that.

Of course the PLA is Planning for a 'Short, Sharp War'

Oddly enough - so did Hitler, when he went after Poland.

Or the Soviets, when they went after Finland.  And Afghanistan.

And us, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Problem is, that pesky enemy gets a vote.

However, in this case, the net long-term risk to China is negligible, if they can force the coup de main without getting their ass handed to them.  Because the likelihood of the Japanese being able to pull together a coalition with both the capability and the will to undo a fait accompli is, I suspect, negligible.

I should note that when you read the article, it's not the author, nor the Naval intell guy I'm talking about in that opening line. It's the people having some vapors about the article, and the folks that were appalled when I told them, back in the day, I was involved in war planning. It never occurred to them, apparently, that we didn't just sit around playing cards, waiting for the call.

We kinda liked having a generic template to use to kick-start the planning process in case a war broke out and we got invited.


"What this country needs is a short, victorious war to stem the tide of revolution." Natually, I'm only familiar with the fictional version (
The Pla plans for many things.
A "Short sharp War" against Japan for disputed islands.
Arbitrary ADIZ around disputed islands.
Did they shoot-down an unknown RADAR return in their ADIZ?
Sure, they would have killed a couple hundred of their own citizens,
but that has never stopped them before.
Red China has a HUGE population, in the billions.
A couple hundred would not be a "Blip On The Radar",
so to speak. And, they would never admit it...