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Facepalm. No, wait...

John Kerry to Russia: "You Lost the Cold War, Get Over it."

So, Putin is declaring a new one. This isn't hard. Germany lost WWI. Didn't stop 'em from starting WWII... The Secretary of State has no sense of history. One would think that is a serious weakness in a Secretary of State.

Easy trash-talking bon mots of laughable accuracy backed by feckless posturing do not a foreign policy make.

Ask Jimmy Carter.



As I wrote on it too much to hope he just shuts up?????
John Kerry's role in life is to make Hillary Clinton look like a good Secretary of State.
 Just imagine having to stand a watch with Kerry.
 Carrie, he has about the same chance of shutting up as he does getting pregnant. Don't forget, "A politician takes as many words as possible to actually say as little as possible."

Centurion, there is just too much history to make that even remotely possible, let alone probable.

Steveeas, "Ooops!"
John Kerry as SecState is almost as bad as Jane Fonda as secretary of the Dept of Veterans Affairs.

He may have "gravitas", but he's a treasonous moron.
 fd, if Kerry has gravitas, then every clown has gravitas. Actually a Clown probably has more gravitas.

The current adminstration is nothing more than utterly incompetent.

 QM, "incompetence" gives them the benefit of the doubt about their true intentions. On the contrary, I think they are very competently achieving their real goals.
 fd, that's entirely possible. I know it's hard, however, to believe that anyone could intentionally produce ther results that bunch produces.
fdcol63, I have to go with QM on this one; they seem to think that words & prnouncements are in themselves powerful weapons. They're just that dumb.