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Where does your Senator actually live?

 Senator Pat Roberts, (R-VA, er, KS.)

From the article: "The story is so slanted and so far from the truth that Kansans will not take it seriously," she said. "They know better."

That's quoting the woman who essentially rents Roberts a bed when he deigns to be back in Kansas.

I've got news for you, ma'am - We do take it seriously, this residency issue, and we've been talking about how Senator Roberts hasn't been a Kansan in any meaningful sense for over 30 years. It's time for the Senator simply maintain his address in Alexandria, Virginia, as his "home of record."

Senator Moran somehow managed to raise a family in Kansas while serving in both the House and Senate.

Call me an old fogey traditionalist - but if that's how it's going to be, why have a "residency" requirement at all?  Just let anyone who wants the job file for it.  We can all be "represented" by political hacks from DC, New York, and California.

Kansas Senator Admits He Doesn't Have a Home in Kansas.


It's difficult to adequately represent your constituency when you don't live among them. Or ...... if your elected representative's values now seem so alien to your own, he's probably reflecting those of his new Beltway domicile of VA, MD, and DC.
 Senator Roberts reflects the values of the lobbiests who own him - mostly Big Agriculture.  Roberts does not give a damn about small farmers - he just wants the huge corporate farms to run everything.
 John, I am not about to argue with you about being a "traditionalist". The way I would describe you is this, you are an American citizen, who happens to live in Kansas. You have values that have been forged in a fire fed by blood, sweat and tears. Those values are not like a pair of clothes do to change everyday. They are a part of everything you do and have done throughout your life. I thank you for your service to this Nation. It does not matter whether we both see this through your experiences as a soldier, contractor or even as a member of the Rotary.
It's not only Kansas. Indiana's former Senator Coats had to fly back to Indiana, quickly rent an apartment and register to vote in order to file for the Senate seat being vacated on short notice by Evan Bayh. Then, just a couple of years later, the fact that Dick Lugar didn't actually have an Indiana residence is part of what cost him a loss in the primary challenge. Pence had to move his kids from Va to Indiana when the campaign for Governor began...... You aren't alone.
When Senator K. Hagan defeated then Senator Elizabeth Dole in 2008, one of the attacks made against Dole was how lttle time she spent in Salisbury, NC vice Kansas, where her husband (former Senator Bob Dole) is from and DC.
All true, but we need to remember that rules are for the little people...