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The only thing more expensive than this rifle...

 ...would be building the range to safely shoot it.



Interesting way to reduce size and recoil though at the cost of accuracy. My google foo says its a 2.5moa rifle. Though id give my left one to shoot it off hand like that ;) Pretty dam cool.
 I haven't looked far, but the Leader 50 seems to be less pricey.
You've got plenty of hill behind the house to stop the bullet. But the guard forces would really not like a .50 BMG rifle. Your bank account would really hate it to. Cheapest I've seen .50 BMG ammo was about $3 a round, and that's been awhile. It wouldn't be cheap to roll your own either.
I'm gonna hold out for a Savage 110 BA in .338 Lapua and a 10 BA in .308. Lots cheaper to feed and makes a big enough boom for me.

THIS is how you shoot a .50!

Who needs that fancy recoil system!

Starts around the 45 sec mark.

Afterwerds, "Wow....I guess I gotta take a minute here guys...."  indeed.

Heck...just found another one....faster shot time
Start at 1:35

His laugh at the end is great!