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Great pic John - did not know they had color digital cameras at Valley Forge....and good to see you back too!
 It sure is good having your blog to look forward to. I missed you when you went off the grid. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
 "Old AF Sarge", I totally agree. Grumpy  8^)
 Indeed guys, indeed!

We had snow here last week. About 4" total at Waynesville. My MiL in Tidewater Virginia had 10". We're not supposed to get much out of the system headed east. I can truthfully say I don't miss pushing snow in Ohio.

Beautiful photo.  But it does make me glad I don't live in Kansas or other climes prone to seeing so much of that white stuff anymore.
Beautiful pic.
Can't say I miss it anymore.
I like it here in the SE Kern County Desert, even with having to work for the junior service.
Purty! The snow was fallling when you took that, yes?

I love photos like this nearly as much as I like staying out of that crap whenever possible. The stuff that hit here Tuesday was snow, then sleet, then 10-degree temps to make sure it all set rock-solid.

John: welcome back!