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Since everybody on FB is going all Okinawa today...

...I'm going to be a contrarian.

Kasserine Pass.



We won Okinawa, so people want to remember that. Plus it was near the end. OTOH, the lessons learned at Kasserine were important and led to victory later. The fact it led to the rise of Patton also helped a lot.
Er, why Okinawa? 

The date, 19 February, is the anniversary of the Marines landing on Iwo Jima.  The 69th anniversary, 19 February 1945.  And that was almost ENTIRELY a Marine show.
 I'll be sure to let the Navy know that Iwo was almost entirely a Marine show :-)
I mention Okinawa in the context of other posts here. Not slighting Iwo.

Well, the Navy did bring the Marines to the island.  And they lost USS Bismarck Sea while supporting.  But ashore, the casualties broke down as follows:

US Marine Corps
KIA or Died of Wounds:  5,885  WIA: 17,272

US Navy
KIA or Died of Wounds:  433  WIA:  1,917

US Army
KIA or Died of Wounds:  9  No WIA. 

Most of the Navy personnel killed or wounded were Docs.  Whom we consider to be Marine brethren.
Which says that 6,318 Navy Personnel were killed and a further 19,189 wounded. There is another, more descriptive name for the Marines - Naval Infantry. You guys are part of the Navy as well.