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 Putin sent troops into Ukraine? But, but, didn't John Kerry admonish them to not do that? And didn't Jay Carney say that President Obama would be right cross about something like that?

How could this be?

Why do I have a sense of Susan Rice trying to find the Crayon, Red, Line Drawing, 1ea, slightly used?


And their buddies at CNN are just trying to help by headlining that a Russian warship with anti-aircraft missiles and "giant 30 millimeter cannons" is "near Miami", apparently being docked in Havana. Then they show us video and it is some sort of auxiliary or spy trawler with two puny guns which might slow down a Cessna or a single harpoon but not much else. I really do so dislike rabble rousing... RAS
Someone let the good folks up at Martha's Vineyard know that the Russians are coming, maybe.
Centurion, considering the history of our leadership, I figure the people at Martha's Vineyard will get the following order: "Get the 150 Proof Vodka and mix it with rubbing alcohol and let the Russians drink it all!" 
According to the whitehouse, it was not an "invasion, but rather an "Uncontested Arrival".
That euphamism can go in the pile with "Overseas Contingency Operations', Kinetic Military Actions" and "Workplace Violence".
 Or, Chris, "Police Action."
With special attention to the telephone operator, Centurion.

Fait accompli? 
Russian meddling in Crimea is despicable, incompatible with democracy and anti-freedom.

It is also not a vital national interest of the United States to do more than get the UN to send strongly worded memos.  It is in the Russian vital national interest to retain control, either directly or indirectly of their Black Sea naval base.

We cannot stop it, we cannot prevent it, we cannot undo it.  Even if we wanted to.
And, if we did, the cost would not be worth the price on the ground in Crimea, nor anywhere else it would likely spread.

Yes, Putin is an evil emperor.  We need to watch him and be able to defend OURSELVES against any schemes he might have FOR US.  If assorted European nations think they are at risk, it is time for THEM to look at their spending priorities and start paying for defensive forces and equipment, not a phone call to the U.S. to come save their lazy socialist butts.

Obama, Biden, Kerry and Hagel are all incompetent idiots.  ANYTHING they do will likely turn an unpleasant situation into an utter disaster.  Pray that they do nothing.  Except may rethink the military cuts.
 NTA, they'll nothing, or maybe worse than nothing. They won't rethink the military cuts either. They have other places they want to spend it.
Stand by for additional strong statements and tough warnings,which will be followed by harsh admonishments. Perhaps someone should suggest to the Obamessiah that he should read up on Teddy Roosevelt.
The Choom Gang admonishes the KGB. What a maroon.

When I heard on the radio yesterday that Ukraine said that if the tried to take bases they would be met with military force I counldn't help but think, "Nice snack for the Russians."

I agree with JNTA, let the UN dither it out.


Everybody remembers the character, code named, "Curveball". What do we really know, I mean that had been actually independently verified? As I understand it, the mainstream news media is saying this, "Men in unmarked uniforms are being deployed in this area called,  Crimea." Now the media claims that these are Russians, but how do we know? The answer is, we don't know without any doubts, we should stay out of it. In many ways, the Russians are like a hornets nest. Around the Ukraine, you have countries who want to become a part of NATO. They need to understand that they can't as a people, nation or tribe act like a child poking a stick into the Russian hornet's nest. Like every place else, they need to learn to lead disciplined lives.

The really ugly truth is this, the same is true of us. Right now, after about 30 years of war, we need to build our own military and infrastructure for our own defense. If we were to have another 9/11, all bets are off. With sound something like this, "BOOM, Halt!" Then, the Armorer would come up to me and say, "Grumpy, y'all got it backwards *again* and next time, shoot above the belt buckle not directly below it!" This is a reason that I want some kind of independent verification of all of the information given today.
 The vacuum in the front left by America's "leading from behind" will be filled by someone else, namely Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

We and the Europeans will be reminded that "smart diplomacy" and "international law" are usually ignored by lawless, violent, power-hungry regimes and tyrants.

Millions will die, and millions of others will look fondly back at the Pax Americana that the world enjoyed when America led from the front and held its defensive umbrella over most of the world.

Some may even wish the American cop was back on the beat.  But we will always be able to hold our heads high, and tell them that we followed their wish, and gave up the job. After all, why should we be the world's policeman? Let France, Russia, China, Iran, the UK, the UN, or Saudia Arabia do it, while we stay home and enjoy socialized medicine, welfare, unemployment benefits, and the money stolen from the rich.